Hospital Manager

Karen is the Hospital Manager at Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic and has worked here as manager since 1997, when she was hired by the practice’s founder, Dr. Velders. She grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois, where she received a degree in international business.


Client Care Coordinator

Kim has been a Nursing Team member at the clinic since 2001 and, in addition, joined the Client Relations Team in 2017.


Client Relations Team Member

Kathy began her employment with Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic in August 2015 and currently works as a client relations team member.


Client Relations Team Member

Che has been a member of the Burr Ridge family since 2017 and is a devoted mom to Australian Shepherds Aiden and Bru and cats Fergus Angus and Nigel.


Client Relations Team Member

Chris has been one of our client relations team members since 2005.


Client Relations Team Member

Another member of our Client Relations Team, Dawn began her career at the clinic in 2007. She is Mom to a four-legged child, Lola the shih tzu.


Client Relations Team Member

Lauren started with Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic in 2008 as a member of our Client Relations Team. She has a particular fondness for old English sheep dogs and now Goldendoodles since she added a Goldendoodle, Mr. Higgins, to her family in 2013.


Client Relations Team

Madeline joined the client relations team at the end of 2021 after moving to Illinois with her cats, Prin and Ink.